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Keepers Update

Thanks everyone for updating your keepers yesterday - a solid start to the season. For your convenience, please note keepers below, but a few thoughts and trends plus the biggest blunder so far (you'll never guess who did it...):

  • 24 players kept at an average salary of $31.79

  • 7 quarterbacks were kept at an average of $32...high end was Aaron Rodgers by our newest league member Stabs at $84!!!

  • 7 running backs were kept at an average of $37... high end included Le'Veon Bell at $82 and Devonta Freeman at $71

  • 8 wide receivers were kept at an average of $27.65... high end included Mike Evans at $62 and followed closely by TY Hilton at $56 (seriously)?

  • 1 tight end and one KICKER were also kept..

  • For the draft, on average each owner will have $245 to fill out their rosters.

We can bust Makese for dropping $22 on a kicker, and Carlos for dropping $56 on a third-rate wide receiver, but the most glaring mistake? Its gotta be Toby (PMRB)... he keeps tight end Travis Kelce from the Chiefs for $37 but DOESN'T keep Tyreek Hill from the same chiefs for $10???  Mistakes like that could doom an owner before we even draft... 

Reminder - Draft is Wednesday, August 24th at 8:30 PM Eastern Time

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